Monday, 28 March 2011

The Lure of the blog

Well, i have been thinking about doing this for sometime. In fact a little while ago i even attempted a blog...quite unsuccesfully. I think i posted maybe twice and have never returned. Of course that was on the back of my attempt at the Dukan Diet. Now before you roll your eyes, (as i know i would have after reading that sentence), i entered into the diet, knowing full well that it was a fad but figured two things

1) I really needed to move this baby weight, (probably technically toddler weight now!)


2) You have to try a fad diet at least once in your life right?!?!?!

Well anyways, long story short, it was unsatisfying and unsuccessful for me, but that was the first attempt i had ever made at blogging and now here i am returning after being so inspired to blog about things i find so much more interesting. 

I have found my self stumbling across so many amazing blogs lately that have spured me on and given me the motivation to try my own. Mostly these blogs have been all about parties and party planning, all types of amazing crafts and handmade goodies and of course being a mum.

I guess i should rewind a touch and give you an idea of exactly where i am coming from and why it is, that these particular blogs have caught my attention.

My mums 50th was just over 4 years ago. I had just had my first baby girl and had been at home, (not working - waiting for bubs), for the months leading up to her birth. My sister and i decided to throw mum a surprise birthday party and theme it Betty Boop, (because mum just loves Betty!).

I was so excited to get my my hands on a little creative project and set about designing invitations and coming up with some fun and unique party ideas that everyone could enjoy on the night. The night was a great success, we had martini glasses with sugared rims for all drinks, alcholic or not, a red and black high heeled pinata, feather boas for all the guests and a whole wall of little stories about mum throughout the years, (with spare blank papers, with Betty on of course, that others could add their stories to).

The following year was my sisters 30th and we immediately began planning her birthday, (a 70's extravaganza - with a studio 54 feel). That party was fantastic as well, we had a huge polystyrene cut out of the man in the moon with the silver spoon, we had a beaded curtain leading out to "nightclub area", guests were given a hand stamp on arrival, Of a crescent moon with face) and there was of course a delicious Fondue.

There was quite the lull between these two parties and our desire to build a party planning business together. However that is where it all began and since then we have created so many beautiful parties that continue to get better and remain so unique.

This blog will definatley aim to showcase some of the parties we throw, style or attend, but it will also be a platform to express all my adventures and inspirations as they present themselves. 

Recently i have fallen in love with all the beautiful party paper goods that i have been seeing all over the blogs i have been following and as such i have decided to start designing and selling my own. I haven't seen alot of it here in Australia so I am really excited to get it out here and have all of you able to access these pretty party additions, to add a little touch to your party. Keep your eyes peeled for that website that will hopefully be up soon.

Well i'm thinking that that is a sufficiently long FIRST post. Who knows, perhaps this post will barely get am not exactly sure where to start. So here I am, Blog post number one, Taking a leap and hoping to enjoy and inspire just the way the blogs i have been following have done for me.

Time for bed, wish me luck...the insomnia has been setting in a little bit lately :)

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